Care Calendar Information

Lorri Denman and her assistant Betty Walker will be coordinating the use of The Care Calendar for members in need.

Steps to follow to use the Care Calendar to help a person in need

  • You will receive an email that a CLC member is in need.
    • In this email, there will be a link to the Care Calendar for this CLC member.
    • There will also be a Calendar ID and a Calendar Security Code.
    • You will need this information to access the correct Care Calendar.
  • Log into the Care Calendar.
    • Choose how you would like to help.
    • Click to sign up.
    • Complete all information requested.
  • You will then receive an email confirmation of your sign up.

Care Calendar Worksheet

If you have identified a CLC member in need, please use this worksheet to learn as much as you can about that person’s needs BEFORE you contact Lorri & Betty.

CLICK on the red link below to see The Care Calendar Worksheet

Care Calendar Worksheet